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17 Days in Beijing

"Each individual and collective human level has its own peculiar 'quantum' mode; various forms of undecidability in logical and signifying systems are joined by emotion on the psychological level, resistance on the political level, the specter of crisis haunting capitalist economies, and so forth. These modes are fed back and fed forward into one another, echoes of each other one and all" (Brian Massumi, Parables for the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Sensation, p. 37).

Written by Elaine Ho and Sean Smith, 17 Days in Beijing: Screen of Consciousness on the Micro-political is a proposal for issue 40 of PUBLIC. Please read the full text at the Encounters and Leftovers blog.


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  1. e says:

    sorry not to have asked you first before making that text public, but glad and surprised to discover that you've picked it up, too… there were some small nitpicky things that i changed in this online version… it was a late night and i was over the limit… but thank you lots, collaboration continues… never thought i'd kick the sports thing.

    just a side note… that massumi quote kind of also echoes true about the whole financial crisis happening in the U.S. right now… it's a very palpable shudder going around the world, and the sitehuggers (whatever they're called, did you see that post on nettime about them sitting on the merrilllynchbankofamerica domain names), all opportunists making some very swift moves…

  2. sportsbabel says:

    i am reminded of the story of long term capital management, an american hedge fund in the '90s that had a spectacular failure, despite the relatively sound mathematics that served as its foundation. but all i can remember when i learned about this in my finance class was asking my prof, essentially, how could they not see this meltdown coming, given that it was built upon the irrationality or undecidability of human actions? or, given the quantum mode of human beings and cultures as they integrate, capillary-like, with the market?