The Last Olympics: A Diary of Synhaptic Connexions

these are the things i have learned from you, with you, and just by being around you

networks of people; thick smells of sweet, sour and spicy from the restaurants of dongcheng district; acrid smells and beautiful decay in the neighbourhood; a unique intoxicating perfume imprints his memory; tactility of blind massage; tactile burden, trembling soul; sweaty palms; mutant palm; elevator music at the venues, on the phone, in the mall; elevators to travel up two floors; stretching exercises in the street; interlocking rings on manhole covers; bicycles on the ring roads, mercedes in the hutong.

year of the rat; rat maze at xizhimen; meet me at guloudajie … zhangzizhonglu … huixinxijie nankou; meet me in electric dreams; the suspended athletic body looks like advertising; who is really the literary fool? sportsbabel visits homeshop! xiaojingchang 6; one degree of separation; vortextuality, but not a singularity; a lap around the stadium to light the torch; do you have fire? hongtashans in the night; a bundle of affects magically disappear like condensation at sunrise, or perhaps they are packed neatly into her designer suitcase.

eat every part of the animal; leave food on the table; mai dan, xie xie; don't drink the water! sick man of east asia; write the social present of intimate connection; who we are, who we are not; chubby girl rendered invisible, pretty girl rendered mute; ethical culture exhibits; design, style, art, projects, spaces, bargains made; bargaining with the shopkeeper; RMByuan¥kuài, seven to the CDNdollar$buck, more or less; pretty currency; pretty clothes; uniforms on every corner.

curious eyes, anime eyes, surveillant eyes; but does that produced intensity even begin to approach the affective power of a delicately lowered pair of eyelids? hand moving through space; panhapticism; immanence of competition, end of the truce; wii would like to play, we don't have tickets; olympic education on the subway; polite chinese applause; obnoxious american catcalls; hygienic spaces; camouflaged anti-aircraft missiles; adjacent olympic disneyland; soldiers under a rainbow umbrella; kite or uav?

hit with the white part of the glove; the privilege of white skin; red silk, gold stars; blue skies! topological spaces; air conditioning; tsingtao and suan mei tang; murder; recognizing the laowai; children both shy and fearless; translation, mistranslation, smiling without voices; does it really matter? tonality, don't think in terms of romanization! a new iron curtain; public, private, third spaces; be a switch; but it wouldn't be a very honest emotion if you could turn it off like a switch.

knife-throwing remakes; archers on target; tracings of spent cigarette filters at a street party, of shaky hands blurring a digital memory, of athletes dancing within a ring or court; fluorescent lights dance by the taxi window; he wondered what life would have been like as a nomad or a new york artist; no introductions necessary; don't forget your identification; 1989; love as a political concept; for there is no end to the folly of the human heart; i [heart] china; ambiguity or clarity? zhongguo jia you! deleuze and guattari find speed in virilio's beijing; fastforward; realvirtual; striatedsmooth; wenming; remix; sweatsweatsweat; re:visioningversus; would that the comma were a semi-colon.

the last olympics.

zàijiàn ,.


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