Momentous: Temporality and Semi-Colons

One of the key characteristics of modern sport is its boundedness. While this usually implies a boundedness in terms of spatial parameters, it also often implies a bounded temporality as well. A game begins at a particular time and it ends at some fixed and codified time later, with all of the moments contained therein given coherence by these boundaries.

* * *


[Aside] a hesitation, as in thought, is a duration

in that, it has an alpha and omega,
though the interval between the two may be of any length

but what happens when many hesitations reach
their omega point at the same moment?

he had found such a moment
and the kaleidoscope of affect it produces

(on the scale of the familiar, the everyday and the banal)

a miniature yangtze flows through the hútòng; fava beans pace the conversation: face, masks, psychopathology of post-olympic fallout; no wasted food! hot sticky air

chilling laughter (…)(!)(?)


would that the comma were a semi-colon

(the addition of a round dot, sort of a break, linking independent though disconnected thoughts rather than listing the same, same, same)


* * *

Basketball is one such sport bounded both in space and in time. At the outset, the clock ticks down towards the final outcome. ("Nash left his heart out there on the floor tonight!") Sometimes the game goes to overtime but that, too, is bounded. A winner must be declared, after all.


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