While memes rage out of control along the Olympic Torch Relay route ("Images contaminate us like viruses." - Virilio), athletes from national teams around the world are consulting with epidemiologists and taking vaccinations in preparation for the Games in China later this summer. Is this not relevant to the question of the Olympics (not to mention major sport-for-development projects such as Right to Play) as a site of international exchange through sport, where peaceful truces are temporarily enacted and the boundaries of the nation-state temporarily cease to matter — except, of course, during every event?

Courtesy of Right to Play International

Can there be true exchange, cultural or otherwise, when one is constantly protecting oneself from the other? Should we suggest that while nation-state boundaries are becoming more permeable to vast tides of human migration, the society of control retains a sense of interior and exterior not only through registration but through an endocolonization of the body that creates striates a prophylactic layer of immunity?

The absence of a visible barrier, on the one hand, or any apparent embracing of the visual signifiers of hybridity, on the other, mask the reliance of imperialist tendencies on this invisible layer of protection between self and potential contagion, a situation that is further exacerbated by the fact that the invisible barrier was erected injected long beforehand and so in the lived moment of cultural exchange its existence is long forgotten.

Can/should/will this liminal space be closed? Perhaps.

But we can be certain that at this summer's Viriliolympic Games this liminal space will constitute the basis of proactivity for the genetic/population bomb accident property form.


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