Trilingual Versus

Brandon Roy comes off a high screen driving to his right into the middle of the court. The Phoenix post defender hedges hard to intercept Roy's path. And, in what is becoming a requisite skill for upper-echelon guards, Roy cuts back to split the double-team and penetrate into the heart of the Phoenix defence. Only in executing the crossover, he puts the ball between his legs from back to front so as to protect the ball and gain the decisive advantage. Breathtaking! Spectacular! Improvisational! And my words don't even come close to doing the move justice.

It dawned on me at that moment that I would really love to watch Brandon Roy play both the hardwood and streetball variants of pickup basketball in the summer. And for that matter (ignoring guys we already know are cool in the pickup game like Allen Iverson and Baron Davis), I would add to this list Nate Robinson, David Lee, Carlos Delfino, Caron Butler, Charlie Villanueva, Deron Williams, Brandon Bass, Juan Carlos Navarro, Tyson Chandler, Luke Walton, Matt Barnes, Ben Gordon, and Louis Williams.

I just have a feeling that each would be amazing to watch, that each would flourish in these games as well, though perhaps in the most unexpectedly cool and creative departures from their usual NBA-style performances. In effect it is saying that the lived environment constrains (body) language's conditions of creative possibility, and that watching these athletes in the other environments of basketball would be like listening to a trilingual poet spit verse.


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