Edwin Moses they are not. But forget about technique for a second and consider the following as an interesting exercise in the compression of space:

(via panoptican)


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  1. Leanna Koleszar says:

    This video is hilarious but it is somewhat interesting because it kind of merges the distinction between sport and dramatic spectacle. As you said forget technique which is key in hurdles as a sport so then it could be seen as a dramatic spectacle as it is not done for status but a tv show for entertainment but it could be considered a sport as there is a clear cut winner and loser and it is physically challenging. When we view this video however, we are not watching to see who wins but because of how funny it is to watch because the participants have no technique. It also shows how the media can use sport to entice viewers into watching the program.

  2. Siobhan Moran says:

    While this video clip is obviously viewed as dramatic spectacle, I wonder would this be as entertaining is the race of the participants was Caucasian or African American. Is it entertaining because of what they are wearing? Or it part of it that you cannot understand what the commentators are saying?
    This reminds me of a show my brother used to watch called MXC where the commentators voice overs usually made fun of the participants or were sexual slurs. How would the participants react if they knew what was being said about them, or how they were depicted around the world?