Newspeak: "No Advance Notice"

A doping control which takes place with no advance warning to the athlete subject and where the athlete subject is continuously chaperoned from the moment of notification through sample provision.

Mirror, Surveillance, Cyborg


3 responses to Newspeak: "No Advance Notice"

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  1. Ali Hodgins says:

    I think it's really interesting that we as society have begun to refer to athletes as "subjects". Due to all this new biological testing having to do with steroid use among athletes, we have gone to desperate lengths to detach human emotion from sport. Instead of being rational human beings with a logical brain, we have been reduced to nothing but a testing subject. Thefore since we are just "subjects", does that mean that we cannot be held responsible for our actions when it comes to doping? If we are just "subjects" do we have to capability to know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to ethics in sport?

  2. Mary Beatty says:

    I think that people doing the dope testing for athletes need to rememeber that these are people not subjects like rats or mice. These people do their sport of choice for a living, they should only be tested when they are competing, or practicing. I think its an unnecessary to test athletes when they are say on vacation, because they are not about to compete. I think the abiliy to test whenever they want is an invasion of privacy and should come to an end.

  3. Ingrid Flexhaug says:

    In my opinion "No Advance" testing is a valuable commodity to ensure honest, respect and dignity in International Competition(and the Olympics). Hard working athletes revolve their entire universe around competition which includes sacrificing important aspects of life (time with family, career, etc). Athletes all deserve the same oppurtunity to win. When others are choosing performance drugs as their "extra-curricular" activity other athletes suffer. Take for example, Marion Jones. Prof. Smith talked about a situation in class about how Jones was stripped of her titles, her medals and her pride. Not only was Marion punished but than again so were her team mates that were in the relay race with her. Years of blood, sweat and tears were wasted on one individual who confromed to the social pressures of sport for her own gain, while not even thinking about her team mates. Not only did she disrespect her team and her Country but she also disrespected herself. Therefore, I can conlude that I encourage "no advance" tests even though it does break the barriers of personal privacy. Today's society exerts to much pressure on "Faster, Higher, Stronger" so much that ego-oriented athletes feel the need to distort their bodies in exchange for medals, praise and recognition. Honesty is policy, therefore no advance tests, in my opinion are justifable.