GVB and BwO

Though I have contrasted Global Village Basketball as a rhizomatic sporting event to the arborescent structure of FIBA and world basketball governance, it could be argued that in fact what I am proposing is what Deleuze and Guattari consider an "arborescent pseudomultiplicity." For certain, the GVB game still has its roots in the binary opposition between two teams, the corporeal movement within bounded space and time, and the rational measurement of productive output.

But perhaps the networked character of the event provides a way out of this arborescence. Consider this passage from A Thousand Plateaus:

A body without organs is not an empty body stripped of organs, but a body upon which that which serves as organs (wolves, wolf eyes, wolf jaws?) is distributed according to crowd phenomena, in Brownian motion, in the form of molecular multiplicities. … The full body without organs is a body populated by multiplicities (p. 30).

Reframe the contrast: the multiplicitous or molecular "audience" of the GVB game versus the multiple or molar audience of the worldwide television broadcast. In the case of GVB, it is the network structure of hardware, software, peripheral devices and event-specific web application that is the body without organs, a field of pure tactility, acoustic space and potential. Once the game begins, the BwO fills, as each molecule of the multiplicity — female, male, old, young, disabled, able-bodied, black, white, queer, straight, bi, etc. — codes itself and distributes that which serves as organs to crowd phenomena. Human corporeality becomes the mitochondria for this full body without organs, cameras give it a visual faculty, and an electronic nervous system links it all together.


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