Fuwa - Courtesy of The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad


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  1. e says:

    You know what their names mean, yes? Bei-Jing-huan-ying-ni (all doubled up for their individual names to give the cuteness factor) means "Beijing Welcomes You". There is a running joke that they forgot to add the 6th character, a duck named Yaya, which would be perhaps like the Beijing equivalent of adding a Canadian "eh" on the end… (and Ya is also a homonym for duck) So anyhow… you coming over next year???

  2. sportsbabel says:

    I know the whole thing is so saccharine that my teeth are in danger just from reading it, but I still think that Fuwa is pretty damn clever…..yaya? Dunno if I'll be able to make it over next year, but it won't be due to a lack of effort.

  3. Mary Beatty says:

    I think that its interesting to see the Beijing mascots are what embodies what most people think of China, meaning they suit the city well, as well as their names (as stated above) saying welcome to Beijing. In comparison to the mascots for the 2010 Winter Olympics the Vancouver mascots do not depict anything Canadian truely, I mean they have character outlines that show they live somewhere in Vancouver etc. but by outward apperence alone they look nothing like Canada.