Cannon Fodder

From a promo for the upcoming Madden NFL '08 videogame:

Carson Palmer - Courtesy of EA Sports

Resample: "This trade-off between air and land forces is marshalled by the field commander, the quarterback. The hero of American sporting culture, the tall, white (or increasingly black), handsome quarterback represents the best of what the military academy has to offer on the battlefield: smart, follows the chain of command, tough, calm under pressure, a leader of men, et cetera.

"The quarterback keeps in close communications contact with superiors further up the hierarchical chain of command: positional coaches, coordinators, and the head coach. While the communications infrastructure used by the superior officers initially consisted of plays being sent in by players from the sidelines, it is decidedly more technological today, with wireless headsets connecting the coordinators, head coach and quarterback with an assistant coach who provides aerial reconnaissance support from the press box."


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