Mimicry Squared

Does the San Antonio fan mimic Manu Ginobili or the Phoenix fan?

Nash Bloody Nose - Courtesy of Getty ImagesNash Mimicry - Courtesy of Getty Images
Ginobili Black Eye - Courtesy of Getty ImagesGinobili Mimicry - Courtesy of Getty Images

Homi Bhabha, The Location of Culture:

"In mimicry, the representation of identity and meaning is rearticulated along the axis of metonymy. As Lacan reminds us, mimicry is like camouflage, not a harmonization of repression of difference, but a form of resemblance, that differs from or defends presence by displaying it in part, metonymically. Its threat, I would add, comes from the prodigious and strategic production of conflictual, fantastic, discriminatory 'identity effects' in the play of a power that is elusive because it hides no essence, no 'itself'."


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  1. Derek Stashick says:

    I think that it is his intent to mimic Manu. The definition of mimicry states that it is more of a camouflage, since he is entering a Spurs game, you would think that he would be looking to fit in with everyone else inside the arena by mimicing one of the home team's players.
    Of course, one could make the argument that he is merely trying to camouflage himself with NBA fans in general. NBA fans support their teams in similar ways, whether its face paint, or wearing certain colours. This new show of support shown by the phoenix fan is impersonating players on your team. This Spurs fan could just be attempting to camouflage himself with NBA fans everywhere by impersonating his favourite player.