The Baseball Re-Animator

Promotional material for Baseball Mogul 2008, perhaps the most popular baseball simulation on the market:

NEW Baseball Mogul Encyclopedia - Outputs over 30,000 interlinked HTML pages. Historical leaders tracked in over 70 stats by team and season; hitting, pitching and fielding stats at every level; annual financial records; everything you need to analyze and enjoy your baseball universe.

NEW Database Engine - Records every stat for every player, even after they're dead. Also automatically loads every historical player so you can easily compare your promising rookies to the best players of all time.

NEW Financial Model - Automatically adjusts revenue levels and salaries to the correct level for each era, from 1901 to 2007. And new options give you complete control over your universe: disable free agency, change the inflation rate, or adjust the luxury tax.

NEW Player Development Engine - We examined the career paths of thousands of real players to create more realistic aging and scouting algorithms. Draft day is now more unpredictable — but we've also added the ability to adjust these settings as you see fit.

NEW Physics-Based Simulation - We've combined over 30 years experience writing statistical simulations and arcade-style baseball games to bring you the most realistic baseball experience possible. Now you can follow the path of the ball on screen, with the correct underlying physics. From the effects of weather and friction to the correct spin on each pitch, Baseball Mogul continues to give you the most realistic stats possible, backed by a real-world physics model.

UPDATED Player Database - Includes more than 18,000 players from 1901 to 2007. You can play as any team in any year.

Fast Simulation Speed - It wouldn't be Baseball Mogul if you had to take a bathroom break while the season progressed. Baseball Mogul 2008 can play a full season, including all computer trades and roster moves, in under 30 seconds. We re-wrote the simulation engine and then we optimized it. And then we optimized it again — because baseball should be fun!

To paraphrase: "Were the original archivists of baseball to understand the possibilities afforded by the elegant simplicity of numerical uniform and position inscriptions? No, it would be inconceivable for these keepers of the archive to have known what their archivization of the game would eventually mean."


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