True Hoop? Or Truly Hooped?

From Dave Feschuk of The Toronto Star:

After four days of apparent deliberation, the NBA office finally completed its review of T.J. Ford's lost layup in Friday night's loss in Atlanta.

While league spokesperson Tim Frank acknowledged an error was made when Ford's field goal with 4:33 to play wasn't counted, the bucket won't be retroactively added to Ford's stats. The final score will remain in the record books at 97-93, even though the league acknowledges the Raptors scored 95 points. The Hawks, who apologized for the error of their scorer's table employees and stats crew, will not be fined.

An NBA rule states that scoring mistakes must be caught before the end of the game to be rectified.

What is truth in modern sport? How objective is it, really? And what role does the archive play in determining such a truth? These questions have only become more magnified in light of the Raptors' unfortunate hooping.

(More chatter on the subject at Chris Young's JABS.)


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