Wheels of Steel

A tidbit from last night's Pittsburgh-Miami NFL game, which the Steelers won 28-17:

[Heath] Miller was actually knocked out of bounds before reaching the endzone, but the play stood when Dolphins head coach Nick Saban nonchalantly tossed the challenge flag on the field and it went unseen by the officials.

"They said they didn't see it," Saban said. "Whose fault is that?

"We cannot challenge something until we see it [on TV replays]. When we saw it, I threw the flag.

"It was well before the kicker kicked it [the convert]. The official said he didn't see it and when he said he didn't see it, there was nothing he could do."

Resample: The spectacle of network television is no longer a layer superimposed on the professional sport product, but rather exists structurally as part of its games. As a result, there is now a turntablist aesthetic to the competition itself, in which players and coaches strategically experience the game in non-linear time to gain maximum benefit.

On the wheels of steel / You know that I'm one of the best /
All my competitors / Get chopped up." – scratched by Rob Swift


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