[Aside] Linds and I just recently returned a short trip to Nova Scotia, where I had a few adventures worth posting:

I had the pleasure of meeting Amateur from Now THAT's Amateur while on vacation. It was fun to talk about his experiences as a high performance paddler and pick his brain about Halifax 2014 and other subjects over lunch. No, he doesn't address himself in person with the one-word nickname, a la Cher or Madonna. But I'm not giving up the secret and revealing his true identity!

Also sat down with my former boss Gary Ness at Acadia. Good to catch up with him and the program there. After hearing about where my blog travels have taken me, he pointed me in the direction of Thoreau, who also had the habit of posting eclectic thoughts to his journals. Neat!

Best of all, I had my annual round of golf with best pal Seabs. I hadn't seen him, nor lifted a club for that matter, since we were introduced to robot golf butlers last summer. And while the layoff didn't do wonders for my golf game, the friendship is still as tight as ever.



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  1. Amateur says:

    I also enjoyed our lunch — but there were lots of subjects that I didn't get a chance to ask you about. So if we get a chance, we should do it again.