NFL Preseason Thoughts

preseason football: watching the interview process from home

thoughts from last night's game:

nike: "football is everything" … has the hyperbole finally reached its apex? sadly, I think not

sergeant stripesfox: perhaps I am reading too much into the football-war relationship, but didn't the virtual down-and-yardage markers look like sergeant's stripes painted in each team's colours?

directv: new package allows you to monitor 8 games at once … a spectacular implementation of surveillance efficiencies


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  1. Laurie-Beth Brown says:

    Under Armour, a very popular apparel and equipment company has a commercial with the catch phrase of "Protect this House." It illustrates a teams dominance of another team when that away team comes to the home teams "house" (stadium). The commerical gives off the idea of "winning at all costs" to protect their house. In this commercial are a majority of very muscular black males ( linked to the fetishization of the male physique) and some very muscular white males ( represents the stacking that occurs within the sport). It is a commercial that would appeal to men through the ideolgy of male patriarchial within society and the societal norms of masculinty that is assocaited with being very muscular. This also sends a message to young males within society that in order to be a player that is able to "protect this house" they must look like the players in commercial. This also can relate to the Nike slogan of " Football is everything." My interpretation of the two commercials is that in order for a young man to be successful within footbal he must give up everything within his life and put football first. In order forhim to be muscular and powerful like the men in the Under Armour commercial he will have devote all his time to training. If he is not naturally muscular he will have to take performance enhancing drugs to get the strength, power and look of those players. Football players are portrayed as hero's and god's within the US society, so why would young males want give up everything to protect this house if it gets them the money, fame and girls.