American Sporting Alphabet

American Sporting Alphabet

Design Notes

  • In homage, and with apologies, to Heidi Cody's American Alphabet.
  • Many of the logos are from Chris Creamer's Sports Logos page.
  • I have wanted to do this for sports since I saw Heidi's installation three years ago and blogged about it. However, I just recently got access to the software to do so (PowerPoint could only take me so far).
  • Update: I just found out that Kurt Hunzeker at Sparts Marketing Blography did a similar project last year. He goes in a very different direction, looking to show the breadth of sports letters and logos, including minor league franchises. On the other hand, I was looking to show iconic images that represented a particular American sporting tradition with its teams, management and media influences. Only 2 of our choices were the same.

Letter Notes

  1. With the way this franchise has changed the business of baseball, and indeed all of team sports, it had to be included.
  2. Apologies to Philly, but you had no really good P that was more visually dominant than these Hoosier-state ballers, and without that, you're just Illadelphia.
  3. I thought the fact that this franchise redesigned its logo specifically because of Yao Ming and the potential of the Chinese market spoke volumes to the globalization of professional sports.
  4. My one nod to the college sports scene, and who more appropriate than the "outlaw" football program of the '90s.
  5. From the all-black fives era of basketball nearly a century ago.
  6. Interesting juxtaposition with F.
  7. Only real cheat in the bunch, but significant in how it shows the logo redesign (and awkward transition) from the New Orleans music scene to Mormon country.


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