XXI and 23

"Aesthetically, the Air Jordan XXI includes personal design elements from Michael Jordan himself, echoing his 'DNA' - or characteristics - that make up his outstanding on-court performance and off-court persona." — Nike press release for the Air Jordan XXI shoe

Courtesy of Nike

"It is obvious today that the genetic code must be considered the most fundamental of all the semiotic networks, and therefore a prototype of all the other systems of signaling that animals use, man included." — Sebeok, quoted by Baudrillard, in Simulations

Courtesy of Nike

"Supporting the launch, Jordan debuts a visually stunning television spot called '2nd Generation', created by Wieden+Kennedy New York. The commercial introduces the Air Jordan XXI and pays true testament to Michael Jordan's legacy through a moving re-creation of his most famous career highlights performed by young basketball players, illustrating how his influence will continue to impact generations from the past as well as generations to come. In addition, visually stunning 'DNA-themed' imagery of the Air Jordan XXI also appear in outdoor, print and online venues." — Nike


Coincidentally, there are 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human body.

"Re-create" should read replicate.

The 500-year plan continues.


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