Urine as Noise

A payoff is looming on the horizon. A gambler is wearing adult diapers so that he doesn't need to leave the slot machine, but rather can just piss himself and keep wrestling the one-armed bandit a little longer (see, for example, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, 1997; 157 (1)). We are describing a perfect coupling of man and machine, and a precursor of what Virilio describes as "polar inertia": the tendency to stasis as we approach the absolute speed of real time.

As work and leisure increasingly blur, productivity assumes game-like properties, and the economy of the slot machine (or sports book, or stock market) becomes increasingly net-connected, virtual, and devoid of spatial referent, do we not face a situation like that visualized in The Matrix?

The movie's metaphor is inexact, however. Rather than humans providing electricity to the machines from the incarceration of their pods, they are instead providing information — or at least playing a vital role in sympathetically vibrating information forward.

slot machine and Matrix pod montage

We have the casino as an institution to "launder" money, removing its impurities before recirculation through the global networks of capital — a renal function that can only be considered soaked in irony. Urine is a friction — or perhaps more appropriately, acts as noise — to this coupling between human and datapod, and thus the use of the adult diaper. But the diaper only alleviates the problem temporarily — eventually the soiled undergarment must be removed and replaced with a fresh one. We must presume that as the casino becomes more virtualized, thus offering more privacy to the end-user, that catheterization will become the next evolutionary stage for the human-datapod hybrid, allowing urine to freely flow away to unseen underground canals in a fashion that allows for the uninterrupted complementary inflow of (seen) information channels.


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