A Conversation with Galeano: Part Three

Another sample from Eduardo Galeano's Soccer in Sun and Shadow:

The Fanatic

The fanatic shows up at the stadium wrapped in the team flag, his face painted the colors of their beloved shorts, prickling with strident and aggressive paraphernalia, and on the way he makes a lot of noise and a lot of fuss. He never comes alone. In the midst of the rowdy crowd, dangerous centipede, this cowed man will cow others, this frightened man becomes frightening. Omnipotence on Sunday exorcises the obedient life he leads the rest of the week: the bed with no desire, the job with no calling or no job at all. Liberated for a day, the fanatic has much to avenge.

*     *     *

And once this dangerous centipede drinks deeply from the flagon of VPS, he will sleep soundly, indeed.


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