conceptualizing:// networked_performance

A conceptual framework I am borrowing from the networked_performance blog to help me with my thinking on Global Village Basketball and other networked elements of sport.

Networked Performance

Any of a number of approaches to performance that incorporates computer networks (the internet, wireless, telephone, or other) or a combination of networks in the creation or distribution of a work. Works may be any mode, format or combination, such as synchronous, asynchronous, ongoing or fixed duration, distributed, local, etc.

Distributed Performance

Music/Theater/Dance/Cinema. Occurs simultaneously in multiple locations via networked interaction. Physically dispersed participants coming together through the network. For example, the performers in two or more locations play to audiences in their performance spaces and simultaneously to worldwide Internet audiences by means of especially created websites.

Collective Net Performance

A network-enabled performance in which a group collectively activates or participates simultaneously in the performance experience. Can be local or distributed. This is how I understand the Global Village Basketball game.

Augmented Reality

Involves overlaying a virtual world on your view of the real world so that you experience both at the same time. Unlike virtual reality where you cut yourself off from the real world in order to immerse yourself in a computer generated virtual world.

Ubiquitous Computing

Ubiquitous computing seeks to embed computers into our everyday lives in such ways as will render them invisible and allow them to be taken for granted.


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