¿Éste es fútbol? Soy confuso.

"Touchdown: En fútbol americano, accion de llevar, recibir o ganar la posesion de la pelota una vez superada la linea de gol del equipo oponente y que proporciona seis puntos sobre el equipo contrario."

While watching the NFL this afternoon, I kept noticing these green stickers on the back of every player's helmet. Apparently, the stickers read "Fútbol Americano" and are part of the NFL's continuing efforts to expand their brand of cultural production globally, as the San Francisco 49ers take on the Arizona Cardinals in Mexico City's Estadio Azteca.


[D]ifferent rates of change [in military strategy and football model] are now converging at a point where medium and model, or football and war, converge: the NFL, with the pulsing electromagnetic radiation of worldwide television distribution, is now part of the military effort, an invaluable weapon in the new cultural wars, of which infowar is an increasingly important component.

How will Mexico handle this new form of militarization?

¿Green light ahead?


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  1. Stacey Van Schyndel says:

    Talking in class this morning about globalization, you mentioned how the Toronto Raptors played some exhibition games in Spain and Italy this past fall and for this occasion they created new jerseys to localize the game to the countries they are playing in. This is another example of the infowar mentioned above with the football stickers. With Pekn 3p70 being the first sociology class i've ever taken, the idea of using sport and culture as a way of spreading your control and your way of thinking to other countries is a completely new idea to me. Its not something that i had heard of before, or had previously given any thought. So without much knowledge in the area, the first question that pops into my head is 'is this really such a bad thing?' At least people aren't dying. Where once millions of people gave up their lives fighting wars, does this not seem like a very civil way of fighting a war? Obviously i'm just scratching the surface of what's really going on, and i don't think i fully understand the situation at hand. But from where i stand at the moment, if no one is dying than i see this war as a major step forward from the last one.