Shooting for Peace?

For the most part, those in opposition to the new NBA player dress code view it as an attempt by the league to sanitize the more obvious aspects of black/hip-hop/gangsta (choose your adjective) culture out of the NBA game, thus making it more "fan-friendly" for the (predominantly) white, middle-class suburban consumer.

I'm not saying they're wrong in their assessment, but what if the new sartorial directive is in fact the result of one white NBA player?

Steve Nash showed up at the 2003 NBA All-Star Game wearing a T-shirt that read, "No war. Shoot for peace." Two years later he became the NBA's Most Valuable Player, thus guaranteeing that he would receive an immense amount of media coverage for 2006.

Is it possible that certain (pro-war) interests could pressure the NBA to adopt a policy that would eliminate such "surprises" from occurring again? I have created a map at They Rule to help you decide.

A shot in the dark? Maybe so. But I'm shooting for peace.


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