Click on Julie Chen to play…

TVgasm compiled a montage of Big Brother host Julie Chen to commemorate the show's season finale, which I have re-posted here. I won't spoil it for you — you'll have to click and watch.

It is very easy to imagine similar sportocratic montages made for "We just have to take it one game at a time," "We have to give it 110%," "You have to respect the team in that other locker room," and many others. [Insert your personal favourite here.]


When Haraway discusses a shift from labor to robotics (elsewhere in the essay she says that "microelectronics mediates the translations of labour into robotics and word processing"), is the sportocratic equivalent not Rasheed Wallace and his perfectly-assembled soundbite — "Both teams played hard." — which the typing classes then turn into content? Wallace's perfect quality control gives truth to the lie about the nature of professional athletes, who are in fact I3-producing techno-bodies.

Of course, the Chen montage above crystallizes the point that 'Sheed, deliberately or not, makes with his "Both teams played hard" production. The only difference is that normally this perfect repetition is non-linear. Only the pastiche alerts us to each unit's startling resemblance to the next.


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