Eddy Curry, Unions and DNA Tests

"The socio-technological study of the mechanisms of control, grasped at their inception, would have to be categorical and to describe what is already in the process of substitution for the disciplinary sites of enclosure, whose crisis is everywhere proclaimed," Deleuze exhorts.

"One of the most important questions will concern the ineptitude of the unions: tied to the whole of their history of struggle against the disciplines or within the spaces of enclosure, will they be able to adapt themselves or will they give way to new forms of resistance against the societies of control?"

*     *     *

It appears that the sports world is about to get an early answer to that question.

Eddy Curry, an NBA free agent who played most recently for the Chicago Bulls, is being asked by the club to undergo a DNA test so that it may determine if he is genetically predisposed to cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that could prove fatal when combined with his recently diagnosed cardiac arrhythmia. NBA Commissioner David Stern supports the request in principle.

Sports Law Blog provides a backgrounder and follow-up on the issue. And for more information on the topic, I will point to Dr. Andy Miah's Bioethics and Sport blog, and in particular a post about genetic testing in the Australian Football League.


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