[Aside] Someone recently reminded me of the value in periodically stepping back and reviewing one's work over a period in time, in order to spot the recurring patterns and the evolution of ideas during an interval of the ongoing investigation. I suppose that's what my annual birthday greetings to sportsBabel have become: an opportunity for visioning and reflection, perhaps a more sedate version of the peyote trip in the desert taken with similar goals in mind.

We had quite a year in sports: an NHL strike, the Athens Olympics, BALCO, Bartman, and the passings of Road Dog and the good Dr. Thompson, to name but a few events. And in response, I had occasion in this little sports (cyber-) space to be at various times snotty, confused, saddened, angered, amazed, scared, inspired, and clever.

Though the manuscript has only proceeded marginally, I can say without a doubt that this has been my most productive year yet, which makes sense: as I have continued to write, I think my ideas and style have matured significantly in the process. It may not always be apparent on the reader's end, but deep inside I know this to be true.

That said, here is a recap of my top ten favourite posts from the year:

  1. Polar Inertia
  2. The Sports Information Market (or Jimmy Hits a J)
  3. Notes From The Horse Races
  4. Questioning Sport and Societies of Control
  5. Notes on Baudrillard and the Fitness Club
  6. The Sportocratic Simulation of Damiens
  7. (S)ender's Game
  8. (Simulated) Olympic Sexuality
  9. Soccer and the Romanticization of Globalization
  10. Afrika (Nike) Shox

Happy 4th birthday, sportsBabel … you've changed the path of my journey more fully than I ever imagined possible. A digitally heartfelt thanks to you.



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