Baudrillard's WWIV: Act II, Scene I

From the CBC this morning:

Two people are dead and scores injured after seven near-simultaneous explosions rocked London's public transit system during Thursday morning's rush hour.

. . .

Prime Minister Tony Blair said it's "reasonably clear" the attacks were the work of terrorists and aimed to coincide with the opening of the Group of Eight Summit in Scotland.

But is it absolutely clear?

John Robb at Global Guerrillas does a superlative job examining this decentralized warfare at the tactical level — that is, tactics of systems disruption. But what about at the level of strategy?

Is it not at least possible that this is related to London winning the rights to host the 2012 Olympics? That terrorist cells were poised in each of the five finalist cities, each ready to detonate the opening volley in the second battle of what Baudrillard considers to be World War 4? Each ready to deliver this semiotic payload: You are not safe here … We are coming after the globalized Olympic spectacle … Sponsors be warned.

That London was ultimately successful in winning the bid — in a surprise upset it must be noted — while all eyes were on Geldof and the G8ers rocking the free world not far down the road, is sheer providence for the terrorists in this hypothetical scenario, since the televisual politics has everyone looking in the wrong direction for the "reason" why.


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