(S)ender's Game

Echoing the militaristic bombing of strategic targets by satellite-assisted telepresence, Live-Shot now offers us sport hunting by telepresence, which is assisted by an Internet-connected RifleVision.

Courtesy of Live-Shot

I am a big man yes I am
and I've got a big gun
got me a big old dick and I
I like to have fun

. . .

I'm every inch of man
and I'll show you somehow
me and my fucking gun
nothing can stop me now
shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot
I am going to come all over you
me and my fucking gun
(Nine Inch Nails, Big Man With A Gun)

Certainly a different take on Sender>>Message>>Receiver, no? Audience, please vote this animal off the planet by typing 3-4-3 into your cell phone. 50 cents a call.

(via Terra Nova)


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