Rage Against The Camera

From A Gamer's Manifesto, relevant here for its discussions of camera angles in games, which ties into my notes attempting to extend Benjamin (emphasis in original):

Let's ban all IAC's (Immersion-annihilating contrivances). These include:

. . .

"Cinematic" camera angles. No, thank you. Understand that we need to see what my character sees. As soon as you start panning the camera around Mario for no better reason than to see the pretty sunset on the distance, we lose control. And here's another tip: If you have a single level where the player's character is required to run toward the camera, send the fucker back for more programming because you're not done yet.

. . .

The cameras in 3D games have actually gotten worse (Mario Sunshine's camera system wasn't half as smooth as Mario 64's) because in the game-making world camera and player controls are decided-on after the game's pretty artwork. When 3D games were new the only question was, "how can we make the controls as responsive and fluid as 2D?" Now it's, "how can we show off these really cool-looking trees? That's what the little sons of bitches care about!"

In short, the first 3D games were designed around their cameras, now they're designed around their graphics.


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