A Channeled Voice

An interesting framework I found on Bruce Sterling's blog, citing Michael Speaks:

18thC - 1960s 1960s - 1990s 1990s - present day
International Multinational Globalized
Nation-States Multinationals Market States
Philosophy Theory Actionable Intelligence
Discovery of Truth Uncovering Repressed Truth Datamining the Chatter
Essence Simulacra Plausibility

Can we fit war into this framework as well? I am thinking perhaps of a modern industrial war of materiel, which encompasses the two World Wars; to the Cold War that spans Speaks' postmodern era, which shifts away from fighting towards Mutually Assured Destruction and a battle of high-tech research and development that pits one political economy against the other; to Speaks' supermodern, in which we find Baudrillard's WW4: symbolic conflict conducted largely through the electronic media. Something to consider …


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