Who is in Control?

Who is in control of this cyborgian coupling (emphasis added)?

The fact that "Sauber had approached Anthony Davidson emphatically tells us one thing: Sauber is preparing for life after Jacques Villeneuve," Autosport deputy editor Jim Holder told CBC Sports Online.

. . .

"The car isn't giving Jacques the feedback he needs to get a feel for the braking, which at least in part led to his Malaysian mistake," stated Holder. "Jacques says the team needs to work harder to get the car suited to him, but the team feels, at least in part, it is Jacques who should be adapting to their car."

. . .

How does Villeneuve account for his less-than-stellar results for Sauber? Prior to the Malaysian race, he told reporters he was struggling to adjust to the electronics and mechanics of the car.

"F1 has evolved a lot, mainly on the electronics side, and it takes a long time to get used to everything," he told a Formula One news conference. "The other thing is that with the electronics you have now, you don't feel everything that is happening.

"You become a bit of a passenger in the car and that is very different from what I'm used to."

(via CBC Sports)


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