From Minotaur to Cyborg?

The latest news from the military-entertainment complex, in which we see the evolution from human, to human-animal coupling, to human-animal-machine coupling (and just in time to help us forget about steroids!!):

On the defensive side, manufacturers try to design a lighter, more durable glove to give players better control and responsiveness in the field. By sampling hundreds of new and classic materials, Easton decided Kevlar, the material known for its use in bulletproof vests and flak jackets, had the properties — lightweight, nonabsorbent, incredibly strong and pliable — to become part of their newest line.

After more than two years in development, its Stealth gloves would ultimately combine a traditional leather palm and webbing with a Kevlar backing, as well as an Easton-designed combination of wool and foam board inside. The gloves are now billed as the "lightest on the market."

(from Wired)


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