A Spectator's Rule of Thumb

I have noted earlier that simply by attending a professional sporting event, a spectator waives all legal rights to the reproduction of their image or voice — without receiving any financial compensation or even having to give authorization.

While it is true that many want to be on the Jumbotron, or make the 11pm highlight reel on SportsCentre/er, this obscures the fact that it normalizes a society, via the ludic, where cameras are surveilling us from everywhere. Is there room for resistance to the gaze?

One possible solution is not to go to the game. This is not true resistance, however, but non-engagement — I still want to see the game. So when the Jumbotron camera points my way, I make the socially unacceptable choice to stick a digit or two up my nose. A rule of thumb? I would say rule of finger …


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