Weld On

From McKenzie Wark's A Hacker Manifesto:
Pre-Modern Modern Late Modern  
Pastoralists Capitalists Vectoralists
Farmers Workers Hackers
Land Capital Information
From Gilles Deleuze's Postscript on the Societies of Control:
Societies of sovereignty Disciplinary societies Societies of control
Purpose: tax, rule on death Purpose: organize production, administer life
Enclosed, analog Flowing, modular
From McLuhan Centre's Phases of Electricity:
Analog Digital Quantum
Muscular Cognitive Existential
Heat, light, motion; Extension of body via electromechanical devices Connected, emergent consciousness; Obsolescence of body as it becomes smaller relative to its extensions in digital space Emergent beings formed via pervasive proximity (infinitely many entities
packed into zero space)
Cyborg (pre-cyber); the interface boundary is ground Cyber (post-cyborg); interface is obviously evident (moves from ground to figure), becoming ubiquitous and hence, obsolescent Transcendent (post-cyber; i.e. no distinction in reality between cyber and physical)
Surveillance Dataveillance Emergent transparency (reversal of dataveillance)
Non-reality is ground effect; "on the air, man becomes no-body" Remote control is ground effect; our digiSelves become the voodoo dolls through which we are controlled and manipulated. Mysticism is ground effect; connection to the "higher consciousness" that exists in the plasma of simultaneous experience
Public identity; celebrity (inflection point of obsolescence of privacy; e.g. paparazzi) Digital persona; publicy Emergent identity(ies) as an attribute of tribal affiliation(s).
From Sean Smith's sportsBabel:
Pre-Modern Modern Late/Post/Hyper-Modern
Panopticism Pantactilism
Folk football Association football Gridiron football as 4GW
Cricket Baseball Strat-O-Matic, sabermetrics
Print Television Fantasy sports, videogames


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