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It looks like the Beautiful Game is not immune from Deleuzian Control, as we appear headed for "Smarter Soccer Through Chips" (via SpoFi, post title sampled from Ufez Jones):

Controversial calls in soccer about whether a player was offsides or a ball really made it behind the goal line could be a thing of the past thanks to a new technology developed in Germany.

. . .

They have developed a new, wireless ball and player location system that can immediately tell referees and game analysts where the soccer ball or striker is at any point in time — to the centimeter.

There has been talk about installing photoelectric sensors around the field or even radar. But Cairos decided to ask the Fraunhofer Institute to plant electronic bugs of a sort in the balls and the players' shinpads which enable sensors to pinpoint their exact position on the field at any time.

. . .

Although the technology was initially developed for soccer, other sports could just as well benefit from the new chips, such as ski jumping, football, basketball or baseball.

Bookies could hit it big with new betting options the technology creates. Bookies could find use for the development, as the statistics generated could open up new vistas for gamblers.

Besides sports, tests using the chips in airports are underway and were featured at a recent trade fair on security. Developers say the system could also be used in searching for missing persons, guarding prisoners or maintaining security around buildings.


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