Abbreviated Thought

Chess positions listed in order of point value; football positions listed in order that they appear on this ESPN roster page:

Chess Notation

K (King)
Q (Queen)
R (Rook)
B (Bishop)
N (Knight)
P (Pawn)

Football Notation

QB (Quarterback)
RB (Running back)
WR (Wide receiver)
TE (Tight end)
C (Center)
OT (Offensive tackle)
OG (Offensive guard)
DE (Defensive end)
DT (Defensive tackle)
LB (Linebacker)
CB (Cornerback)
S (Safety)
K (Kicker)
P (Punter)

In contrast with the rigidly hierarchical feudal class system found in chess pieces, the positions in football are far more functionalist in label, which serves to obscure the military-industrial political economy they model.

Once the most venerable position in these accelerating games of political economy, K ironically becomes one of derision, a scarlet letter on the extended skins of team jackets around the nation.


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