so?mat?o?type (n.)

The structure or build of a person, especially to the extent to which it exhibits the characteristics of an ectomorph, an endomorph, or a mesomorph.

Source: The American Heritage? Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

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The TAZ may perhaps best find its own space by wrapping its head around two seemingly contradictory attitudes toward Hi- Tech and its apotheosis the Net: (1) what we might call the Fifth Estate/Neo-Paleolithic Post-Situ Ultra-Green position, which construes itself as a luddite argument against mediation and against the Net; and (2) the Cyberpunk utopianists, futuro-libertarians, Reality Hackers and their allies who see the Net as a step forward in evolution, and who assume that any possible ill effects of mediation can be overcome–at least, once we've liberated the means of production.

The TAZ agrees with the hackers because it wants to come into being–in part–through the Net, even through the mediation of the Net. But it also agrees with the greens because it retains intense awareness of itself as body and feels only revulsion for CyberGnosis, the attempt to transcend the body through instantaneity and simulation (Hakim Bey, The Temporary Autonomous Zone).


From a recent press release regarding production of the latest Michael Vick commercial for Nike:

Motion Analysis Studios recently made motion capture history when they created a 50 foot by 50 foot volume to capture motions of NFL stars Terrell Owens and Michael Vick for the NIKE Gridiron commercial spot directed by David Fincher. This latest cutting-edge spot takes viewers right into the action of a digital football arena, complete with snow and a fantasy football team of 22 growling opponents.

In order to create the realistic effects needed, Motion Analysis used an unprecedented 50 cameras to capture up to six players at a time performing high intensity football moves and tackles. The entire shoot was accomplished using the Motion Analysis Digital Eagle System, which allowed director David Fincher to view the data instantly during the shoot.

"Nike and Digital Domain needed the largest mocap volume ever made in order to make the commercial a reality," said Jeff Swenty, head of production for Motion Analysis Studios. "The sheer volume of a 2500 square foot volume is almost breath-taking considering a 200 square foot volume was at one point considered huge."

Mike 'N the Feds

Notes from last night's Monday Night Football tilt between Baltimore and Kansas City:

The Agenda

In a bizarre twist, Michael K. Powell, Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission, appeared on ABC at halftime to encourage consumers to adopt the HDTV platform and to explain the decision-making process behind the Wardrobe Malfunction fine.


In the tradition of such witty prankster shows as Punk'd, MNF has introduced a halftime piece called "You've Been Sacked", in which one of the athletes gets a prank pulled on them by teammates. A reminder: it is no longer just about the uncertain game outcome, but rather the concurrent I3 manufacturing process. One is always chained to the field, even after the game is over.

You've heard me say this before, but …

I'm amazed at how integral instant replay is to the sport of NFL (gridiron) football.


The camera has always loved him, and now the microphone does as well: acquitted-murderer-cum-linebacker Ray Lewis.