From a recent press release regarding production of the latest Michael Vick commercial for Nike:

Motion Analysis Studios recently made motion capture history when they created a 50 foot by 50 foot volume to capture motions of NFL stars Terrell Owens and Michael Vick for the NIKE Gridiron commercial spot directed by David Fincher. This latest cutting-edge spot takes viewers right into the action of a digital football arena, complete with snow and a fantasy football team of 22 growling opponents.

In order to create the realistic effects needed, Motion Analysis used an unprecedented 50 cameras to capture up to six players at a time performing high intensity football moves and tackles. The entire shoot was accomplished using the Motion Analysis Digital Eagle System, which allowed director David Fincher to view the data instantly during the shoot.

"Nike and Digital Domain needed the largest mocap volume ever made in order to make the commercial a reality," said Jeff Swenty, head of production for Motion Analysis Studios. "The sheer volume of a 2500 square foot volume is almost breath-taking considering a 200 square foot volume was at one point considered huge."


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