Towards a Post-Sport: The Phases of Electricity

A framework on "Phases of Electricity" from Derrick de Kerckhove, Mark Federman and others over at the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology. The parallels to my own work here at sportsBabel are very evident (to me), and I will try to expound on them more clearly in the very near future. In the meantime, I think this will prove to be a very exciting and useful thinking tool.

Analog Digital Quantum
Muscular Cognitive Existential
Heat, light, motion; Extension of body via electromechanical devices Connected, emergent consciousness; Obsolescence of body as it becomes smaller relative to its extensions in digital space Emergent beings formed via pervasive proximity (infinitely many entities packed into zero space)
Cyborg (pre-cyber); the interface boundary is ground Cyber (post-cyborg); interface is obviously evident (moves from ground to figure), becoming ubiquitous and hence, obsolescent Transcendent (post-cyber; i.e. no distinction in reality between cyber and physical)
Surveillance Dataveillance Emergent transparency (reversal of dataveillance)
Non-reality is ground effect; "on the air, man becomes no-body" Remote control is ground effect; our digiSelves become the voodoo dolls through which we are controlled and manipulated. Mysticism is ground effect; connection to the "higher consciousness" that exists in the plasma of simultaneous experience
Public identity; celebrity (inflection point of obsolescence of privacy; e.g. paparazzi) Digital persona; publicy Emergent identity(ies) as an attribute of tribal affiliation(s).


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