Musculoskeletal-Neurological Fusion

Notes from last night's Monday Night Football tilt between Dallas and Washington:

The Model

In this modern incarnation of Cowboys versus Indians, Dallas is now 13-1 over the past seven years. Sounds about true to form.

Opening Credits

Welcome to the full American hyperreality of covering key demographics: Hank Williams crooning, a marching band, the Statue of Liberty, blacks drumming on plastic buckets, whites dancing hip-hop, fighter jets, cheerleaders, pyrotechnics, "authentic replica" football jerseys everywhere, a heavy-duty (made in America!) GMC truck, and a huge Stars and Stripes flag to round out the performance.

Making The Cut

Selecting a team of football players? B166ER isn't necessarily better (just ask OJ).


Speed in the running game allows a team to get out of the backfield to the perimeters and attack from the flanks.

Courtesy of the Washington Post


"Please put me on TV": Hogs celebrate their lipidinal identification.


Reminiscent of the wristwatch decoders that kids used to play with, Cowboys coach Bill Parcells sends in a numbered play, which quarterback Vinny Testaverde decodes on a wristband.


Star players in MNF games are immortalized on the "Horse Trailer".


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