You know that a practice has entered the mainstream when Microsoft records it as clipart:

Courtesy of Microsoft


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  1. Colin Wellum says:

    We are mindless fools that need to be entertained 24/7. Even as I type this my brain is bored and is leaving all sense of consciousness behind. When you go to the gym, you see people that are not the exercise machines as we like to think of them to be. The machine-like image is driven into our heads from all types of mediums. We view ourselves as we have socially learned/accepted ourselves to look like- whether true or false; hence the mindless fools. We as mindless fools have numbed senses that make us blind to the guided social learning, as Marx might possibly agree with based on his Conflict theory. Therefore, we are no better than hamsters running on our wheel until we are told what is appropriate to do next.