Ironic: dromos is Greek for 'a race', 'running'

My first sample from Paul Virilio's Open Sky, which I believe has a great deal of relevance to my work so far on sports videogames:

Loss of sight or, rather, 'loss of ground' is a new kind of fall that is also a form of pollution of expanse, of that 'art of the journey' practised by the nomad, a peculiar form of vertigo brought on by the depth of field of the apparent horizon of the spectacle of the world.

With the contemporary sedentary type of the great metropolis, this on-the-spot contraction not only affects the transit zone and the sphere of productive activity as before. First and foremost, it attacks the body of the able-bodied person, equipped to the eyeballs with interactive prostheses, who is now modelled on the disabled person equipped to control his environment without physically shifting.

So dromospheric pollution is pollution that attacks the liveliness of the subject and the mobility of the object by atrophying the journey to the point where it becomes needless. A major handicap, resulting both from the loss of the locomotive body of the passenger, the televiewer, and from the loss of that solid ground, of that vast floor, identity's adventure playground of being in the world (p.33, emphasis in original).


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