VPS + Zzz = NWO? (tba…)

Speculation on the narcotic effects of professional sport consumption:

Anything that helps to tire the body helps to expel bad thoughts; so care is taken that games consist of violent exercise. At night, they fall asleep the moment they touch the pillow (Ducpétiaux in Foucault, Discipline and Punish, p.324).

Is it possible that the environments created by the stadium and/or the television are so highly engaging and immersive that the body becomes tired in consuming them? Is it possible that the adrenaline rush we receive in the course of watching others exercise violently helps to tire the body out and thus expel bad thoughts? In other words, when we outer our nervous systems into the mediated professional sport experience, do we experience a sort of Violent Passion Surrogate that serves as a form of social control?


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  1. sportsBabel » comma, garçon says:

    [...] a class of worker-athletes to experience the touch of pain for us instead, which we then consume in mediated and narcotic form. We cut, sever and otherwise realign the structures and flows of this singular-plural body in [...]