Super Bowl Voices

Anterior Finality

Once Adam Vinatieri missed his first two field goal attempts, I actually found myself cheering for the simulation.

Rock the Vote

The Super Bowl halftime show featured a feel-good video montage of famous individuals that ended with the celebrity exhortation "Choose to Vote!", at which point the telecast returned to a live Jessica Simpson exhorting us to "Choose to Par-tyyyyy!" Considering that the Super Bowl audience is likely comprised of more than its fair share of Republicans, and that this is an American election year, the juxtaposition of the two "choices" seems to me a curious … um … choice.


I find it odd that the dominant spin of the two incidents involving nudity went something like this: Janet Jackson's exposed breast was inappropriate family viewing while The Streaker was an immense breach of (national?) security. Are you kidding me? The Streaker's nudity (whether we saw it on TV or not) wasn't simply inappropriate family viewing? More importantly, are you telling me that the premeditated breast exposure and subsequent denials/cover-up aren't a larger threat to national security? I mean, these people are responsible for the programming of the American mind and all …

(BTW, Paris — I mean Janet — has a new album coming out shortly.)

Speaking of The Streaker

Mark Roberts, the British man who has streaked almost 300 times over the past decade, was interviewed by a year ago. In the interview, Roberts said that before he retires in 2005, two ultimate goals remain — the Athens Olympics in 2004 and either Super Bowl XXXVIII or XXXIX. Well, he accomplished the latter goal on Sunday — and took a bruising tackle for his efforts. My question is this: you have one goal left in your career and that is to streak the Athens Olympics (which will possibly be the most secure non-military installation in human history), and they know you are coming — doesn't that put a ton of pressure on you? I mean, I am really cheering for this guy to permeate the membrane.


In NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue's state of the union address, he restated his support for international football, envisioning the day when "a Chinese quarterback, Yao Fling," will be throwing touchdown passes.


Amidst all of the simulated violence, one person was actually killed in the post-game revelry.


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