The New Water Bottle

A story on CBC notes that pedometers are "the new water bottle, an exercise accessory to help people log kilometres travelled."

On Monday, Finegood launched a research project called Canada on the Move. Canadians with pedometers can go to a website, enter some information and help researchers learn whether tracking steps helps people get fit.

"Just handing a pedometer to anybody on the street isn't necessarily going to be an effective use of funds," said Finegood. "One needs to understand who are the people who are going take advantage of this and receive benefits?"

In about six months, the CIHR hopes to have enough data to analyse. They want to see if pedometers provide the extra motivation to get people out of cars, off the elevator and on their feet.

The water bottle comment has another (unintended) significance: in the age of cybernetic information flows that penetrate the body, electro-data feedback becomes as necessary to the would-be exerciser as H20.


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