The Hysteria of Aging

To quote myself: "The recidivism rate for fitness club members has less to do with any inherent weakness and more to do with a hysteria of aging, as the mirror image and video image diverge, never again to cross paths."

However, Baudrillard scoops me again (grrrr):

The obsession with becoming slimmer and slimmer is an obsession with becoming an image, and therefore transparent, an obsession with the disembodied ideality which is that of film stars. Disembodiment is the price paid for immortality, extreme slimness being the only way to pass through death (Fragments: Cool Memories III).

Not coincidentally, this hysteria is most apparent in the image-saturated post-industrial societies of North America, where the Baby Boom effect is greatest — and where it is about to reach its apex.


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