The Chosen One

From The Portland Business Journal on the new Nike commercial featuring LeBron James:

In the ad from longtime Nike agency Wieden & Kennedy, Nike presents a slew of WNBA players, including Sue Bird, Dawn Staley, Chamique Holdsclaw, Tina Thompson, Tamika Catchings, Katie Smith, Nikki Teasley and Sheryl Swoopes, who are cast as a choir in what is depicted as a combination church/gymnasium.

With retro appeal continuing to drive the sports apparel market, NBA hall of famers Julius Erving, Moses Malone, George "Iceman" Gervin and Jerry West pitch in as congregants. Bernie Mac stars as the preacher in the spot, where James is anointed as the choir serenades him.

. . .

Nike has little to prove in a basketball category it dominates, but Blanke said, "It's a case of how many eggs they are going to put in the LeBron basket. … This will give Nike a good indication of how much they will be able to ride him in the future — but I think he's got pretty big shoulders."

He's not just a deity, but The Salvation of Basketball — male and female, past, present and future.

(An aside about the Chosen One: how about this for a little screw-you to LBJ? Three games, five days, all on the road, versus Vince, Pierce, and Kobe. Yikes!)


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