Chrysalis Digitalis

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Shock! Horror! The revelation comes out that retired tennis superstar John McEnroe "took steroids unknowingly" for six years during his career.

(Teeth gnashing from Andre Aghast-i.)

What I find interesting about this story are the results of the admittedly unscientific poll that accompanied the article on (shown here after my vote). Only 13% of the voters have changed their minds about McEnroe with the news about steroid use — the other 87% don't care!

This supports my earlier hypothesis: in the end, sports fans really won't care one way or the other about drug use in sports. Drugs — or more specifically, synthetic pharmaceuticals and other chemical compounds, many of which are controlled by the corporate pharmaceutical complex — are an important part of our post-industrial society. Their consumption is part of our Will to Virtuality, or more precisely in this case, our Will to Become Code.

Modern sport, on the other hand, with its Tradition and Truth, functions as part of our chrysalis digitalis, protecting ourselves from the world — and ourselves — as we transform into posthuman butterflies.


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