A Re-Reid of the Text

Did anyone else notice the key play that led to Philadelphia Eagles' only points on Sunday? Scenario: it's the second quarter, 3rd-and-20 at the Carolina 33, and Donovan McNabb fires a pass towards the sideline that is snared by a diving Freddie Mitchell. Mitchell rolls when he hits the ground and the referee rules that the ball came loose and is thus an incomplete pass. Coach Andy Reid successfully challenges the ruling and the incomplete call is overturned, leading to a David Akers field goal.

Here's the kicker though (pun intended): Reid waited to throw the red coaches challenge flag out until he had seen the replay of the Mitchell catch on the jumbotron.

Now instant replay has certainly changed the viewing experience for the TV spectator back home; it has also more recently changed the way the game is officiated. But in concert with the in-house jumbotron, the game itself is now fundamentally changing: Reid essentially went back in time (by viewing the jumbotron) before deciding his next tactical move (throwing the flag).

("There is no more 'past' under electric culture: every 'past' is now. And there is no future: it is already here" — McLuhan.)


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