Game Notes

Notes from the Raptors-Sixers game at the ACC last week:

WARMUPS: In another case of nationalism being superseded by corporatism, pre-game warmups were paused at the 10-minute mark for national anthems, and then restarted so as not to interfere with the spectacle once the clock reached 0:00.

MASCOT: The Raptor played Robin Hood by climbing above the fans to the corporate suites and "stealing" food items (chips, etc.) that the "poor" masses dutifully clapped like seals to receive.

JUMBOTRON: When we appear on the big screen during the game, we are supposed to wave or dance or kiss our companions. Why can't we pick our nose at the camera or flip it the bird? As Postman points out in Amusing Ourselves To Death, Orwell's vision of a panoptic totalitarian state of fear was somewhat misguided since we WANT to be on the camera — in Kroker's words, it is our Will to Virtuality.

Oh yeah, and the Raps couldn't beat the Sixers even though Philly was missing Iverson, Coleman, and Robinson. Thanks for the tickets, though, Bearcat!!


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